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UVI Vintage Vault review

Posted: August 20, 2014 in Audio
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UVI now provides Vintage Vault, that includes most of their vintage synths samples libraries at reduced price ($499). I wasn’t convinced by Digital Synsations demo, however I thought the full version may provide interesting sounds, as well as other libraries, as the demo tracks were great.

After two days digging through the presets of most of them (Digital Synsations, The Beast, DarlightIIx, Emulation one and 2, Vector synths, DX part from Vintage Legends, vintage drumbeats, string machines), I didn’t found more than a dozen of convincing sounds, a few from Digital Synsations (except those created with M1,  the least intersting) and The Beast.

As sampling of factory presets isn’t allowed, UVI had to create custom sounds and a few that remind popular presets (providing clue in the naming) – among useful ones we can find patches derived from D-50 factory presets (as did Bitley in his Kontakt Project library), some created using SY77, and some from Synclavier.

Besides not being inspiring, the provided instruments sound harsh (not pleasant) and the number of multi-samples seems limited, leading to aliasing (expected for Farilight and Emu ones as they weren’t multisamples, however not from D-50 – combination of single samples and oscillators – and SY77 – combination of multi-samples and FM), and low definition. Samples from Bitley Kontakt Project (D50 and also Fairlight) sounded really greater.

The settings interface tries to fool use reminding the corresponding synths, however besides reusing same colors and some panels/screens details, the provided settings don’t match (can’t as these are sampled instruments – no access to partials/oscillators nor synthesis specific parameters). As expected, the global enveloppes (amplitude and filter), effects and some sound “color” settings don’t bring anything useful. We are stuck with low quality-sampled quickly created/uninspiring patches.

For a lower price, we may better get Bitley Kontakt Project (for D-50, other modern synths, Fairlight/vintage samplers, vintage synths – also it is an evolving project), Zero-G Nostalgia (notably for strings machines and Emu samples), NI Retro Maschines (high quality sampled vintage synths and string machines) and NI FM8 (provides access to FM parameters).

For the same price we can add NI Massive, GForce impOscar (the most powerful sounding software based synth), Synthmaster (not as powerful sounding however providing fine grained sounds, many parameters – including samples import – and great arpeggiated patches) and some plugins from Arturia.

Also NI Komplete is far more useful, despite not being the best package.

As with most samples libraries, UVI doesn’t not allow selling/transfering the license to another ilok user/account, you may then download Digital Synsations demo. UVI Vintage Vault isn’t really more useful than the bad sounding IK Sampletank whole library.


UVI Digital Synsations

Posted: April 15, 2013 in Audio
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UVI presents Digital Synsations, a 24 GB samples library that features custom presets from SY77, M1, VFX and D50. Audio demos are available. It is priced $199.

UVI Vintage Legends demo

Posted: March 7, 2013 in Audio
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UVI provides a demo version of Vintage Legends (233 MB). It includes one preset from each of five synths from the collection (the full version features 800 presets). There isn’t time limit for this demo version, and it also doesn’t require an iLok key.

UVI Vintage Legends

Posted: December 22, 2012 in Audio
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UVI presents Vintage Legends, a 21.85 GB samples library that features 6 legendary  synths : Yamaha CS-70M/40M/20M, Elka Synthex, Rhodes Chroma, Yamaha DX1, DK Synergy and K250. It is priced 226.49 euros / $299 instead $349.

The products are also available separately (except for DK Synergy module), priced 74.99 euros each.

UVI The Beast : Synclavier

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Audio
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Following Emulation One, Emulation II and Darklight IIx, UVI presents The Beast, that features Synclavier sounds. It includes an FM sounds plugin, a sampler sounds plugin and a drumbox plugin. The new UVI player also brings the SparkReverb.

Audio demos at Best Service feature few of its sounds, however we can find nice synth bass, drums, lushy strings and keys/leads (we can also listen to additional demos here). It is priced 199$/175 euros and is also available through download (4 GB). The presets lists can be found here, as well as links to rewiews.

UVI Emulation II

Posted: January 12, 2012 in Audio
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UVI presents Emulation II, a plugin that provides 250 sounds from 80s (drums, bass, bells, choir-voices, fretted instruments, FXs, keyboards, mallets, percussion, synths, strings, orchestral hits). Audio demos are available, and it is priced 199,95$.