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A 1.1 update to Direct2CP is available :

– fixed state problem in EMZenView (was in canplay state when switching song – should be buffering state) that prevented play.

– added deferred mode in DCMasterDetailView (createDeferredForEndpoint) : if true numberOfRows returns 0 immediately( without calling the synch remote method). It is reset to false when calling setCriteria, setSortDescriptorsStr or reset.

Emotuned application (free music platform for composers, see here) now uses press (350 KB for the application .sj) and the new deffered mode for the master detail views (that is only one request is sent initially, for the main store tab – no requests for empty table views from other tabs). Performance is now related to the hosting provider.

Unity Indie 2.6 free

Posted: November 1, 2009 in Games, IT/Dev
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Unity_TropicalParadise_smallUnity Indie (2.6) games development solution is now available for free. It was priced 199$ before. That is here for download. We can also access to some demos that run directly through the browser using the Unity Web plugin (works on PPC and is really fast… ways better than any Flash). The Tropical Paradise demo is really stunning.

The Indie version isn’t listed in the licenses page, and  the Pro version remains priced 1499$. The iPhone targeted version isn’t free, however a 30 days demo is provided).