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Omnisphere 2

Posted: January 23, 2015 in Audio
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Spectrasonics presented Omnisphere 2, that adds 400 new waveforms, wavetable morphing synthesis, granular synthesis, new filters, 3000 new patches, a new interface and new effects. It is priced $499.


Spectrasonics announced 64 bits updates to Omnisphere and Trilian on Snow Leopard (beta versions, the final updates will be available by a month). Moreover 32 bits systems (Leopard or Snow Leopard started in 32 bits kernel mode for compatibility reasons) can also access to more than 4Gb of memory, thanks to a new Sample File Server, an external process (same trick as Kontakt 3.5 Memory Server).
Finally an iPhone application, Omni Live, will be provided for free at the AppStore. It will work as a remote controller for Live Mode, and then allow easy presets selection.