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Linear D2 samples library update adds new sounds (4x larger size) and a new demo (mp4 format, also ogg version).

These long looped Kontakt instruments were sampled from Roland D-20’s custom patches, based on its unique  resonant filter (finer grain than D-50’s one, that can’t reproduce these).

VSL presents Vienna Imperial, a Bosendorder Imperial 290-755 piano library that includes 500 Gb of samples (100 velocity levels / 1200 samples per note – includes multiple length release trails) ! The samples (24 bits/44,1 Khz) are compressed at install time (lossless) to only require 50 Gb. A new player is provided (features a convolution reverb). An Intel Core Duo mac with Leopard is required, as well as 1,5 Gb available ram. Audio demos are available. It is priced 875$.