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Valhalla DSP (we remind Valhalla rom cards for D-50) announced a new reverberation plugin, ValhallaRoom. They previously released ValhallaShimmer (50$, demo version available).

At Gearslutz forums about TC Electronic M30 plugin, we can find interesting (and complex) details about reverberation effects. To sum up, convolution-based reverbs are well suited for reproducing early reflections, however they do not achieve convincing feeling for later periods (lack of modulation – not random because “recorded” reverb). Algorithms-based reverbs provide more various and musical trails (on a perceptive side – not on the realism one). Then it is close to difference between synthesis (dynamic, living) and samples (accurate but less musical). Most evolved reverbs (as Lexicon ones) use both solutions.

We can bypass a convolution reverb at around 200 ms and merge it with a conventional one (with an initial delay of the same duration). As the convolution part is now shorter, it requires far more less resources (depends from the duration), while the algorithm-based part uses constant resources (whatever the duration).

We can find many recent algorithm-based software reverbs, as Eos from Audio Damage (49$). It provides 3 algorithms (Plate 1 – mono in, stereo out -, Plate 2 – true stereo -, and Superhall – true stereo), and also work on G4 due to low resources requirement ! Audio examples are provided.

The incredibly long modulated hall sounds of Eno-style ambience are where Eos thrives, something that is made of unobtanium with convolution ‘verbs. Quite simply, an impulse response can not do what Eos does.