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iPhone : Ravensword 1.1 update

Posted: December 10, 2009 in Games
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A 1.1 update to Ravensword is available at the AppStore. It includes many fixes and enhancements (deeper tap to target distance, lightning rune, Amulet of Mana, starting dagger easier to get), and two new places (The Forest of Lamneth and the Dungeon of Lamneth).

Ravensword is finally available at the AppStore (6,99$), a few time after its new submission (now uses an updated version of the Unity framework, that doesn’t use anymore private APIs). First reviews are very positive (best graphics, close to WoW and even landscapes that remind Oblivion). However customization aspects (weapons, character) are somewhat limited, and characters animations are not the best.
We can watch videos here, there, and also here.