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While doing some search about Roland V-Piano new PHA-III keys technology (progressive keys motion sensor, instead of only two states), I discovered that patentMOTION SENSOR FOR A PIANO KEY MOTION ANALYSIS SYSTEM, that was filled in 1996 by a french person, and was published in 1999 (see also here, 1995). We can then wonder if Roland owns a previous patent about the same principle.
We can indeed find an old Roland patent (from 1974 !), that seems to cover basic two states mechanism, but also states : During the time required for this movement a previously charged capacitor discharges and the voltage remaining on the capacitor is applied to circuitry which varies the volume of the output tone accordingly.
In a commercial Roland PDF about the new LX-10 digital piano (that was announced also during the NAMM 2009, but that uses the older PHA II Progressive Hammer Action), we can read something about the 6.946.594 patent. This one doesn’t seem published yet bowever, as it is often the case (Apple only recently released the hundreds of patents that cover the iPhone and multi-touch user interactions).