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Back in 2006-2007, Cjed Home site toped a pagerank value of 4, with up to 8000 visits a month and 250 visits a day at best. A year later (September, 2008) this new cjedaudio wordpress blog (intended to test WordPress solution, that is really great – really skilled UI designers, not lile Google’s ones) quickly reached a pagerank value of 3 (and 5000 visits a month after only 3 months).

Since 2010 there were somewhat less visits, notably as I didn’t hilighted anymore (or rarely did) posts with images (it makes a huge difference from what I’ve learnt since the original site launch in 2005, however I decided not to add pictures when not really relevant).

The main site pagerank was down to 3, despite the followers remaining strong (more than 150 visits a day, and 100 to 150 visits a day for this blog). It also corresponds to the start of articles against Google’s interests.

This month, while number of visits remaining the same (and even being greater on some days with more than 200 visits), the pagerank was down to 2, both on the blog and on the main site !

Then thank you Google. Would I then have to do as our governement ?

Update : it seems that many bloggers are experiencing this pagerank penalty.