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The Black Mesa mod (original Half Life single player made using the HL2 Source Engine) is available here (3 GB). It requires the Source Engine 2007 SDK (available from Source Engine based games on Steam).

The soundtrack is also provided for free.

Installation details on Mac (using either WineSkin or Winebottler and PlayOnMac) are available here and there.


Implementation of Websocket (client side) started this Spring in Firefox, and this Summer (since late June) in WebKit. We could also read a document, WebKit Web Socket design doc (that was slightly revised early september), written by WebKit members working on this task (Fumitoshi Ukai, Yuzo Fujishima, etc.). References to many cpp sources files about Websocket implementation have emerged these last three months in the long WebKit development timeline.

In early September Yuzo pointed out (in a thread about requirement for an Apache module that manages Websocket) an experimental open source extension for Apache, mod_pywebsocket, that brings server-side Websocket implementation.

These elements are now listed in the latest changelogs of WebKit timeline (10/26), and test files are provided (start with pywebsocket/test, see also here and there).