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New mac mini / server

Posted: October 21, 2009 in Apple
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Besides new iMac and the new unibody MacBook, Apple updated the mac Mini, with faster processors (2.26GHz to 2.66GHz), and an NVIDIA GeForce 9400M that now onboards 256 Mb also on the entry model (599$, 2 Gb of ram and still 160 Gb hard drive). The later model (799$) includes 4 Gb of ram (and still 320 Gb of hard drive). The disks still are 5400 rpm, however the mac mini keeps its firewire 800 port.

A new model with Snow Leopard Server and two 500 Gb hard drives (still 5400 rpm) has been added, and is priced 999$ (that is an interesting alternative to XServe).