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Roland presented the A-88 master keyboard, that features Ivory Feel G touch, pitch/modulation bender, and weights 16 kg only. The price isn’t announced yet (it is listed at 914 euros at DV247).

The new Yamaha KX8 master keyboard, that was announced early 2008 seemsthe best choice : high quality keys (GHS type, despite most recent Yamaha digital pianos providing the more evolved GHS3), reliable, precise (allows playing low velocities) and homogeneous response compared with CME or M-Audio KeyStation, only weights 15kg, can be USB powered, many controllers (including transport) and integration with Cubase (AI4 version bundled), phrases sequencer, velocity curves settings.
It features only sustain footswitch, however the volume can be modified using the panel’s controllers (even if not as easy). Finally we can find it around 400$ (and 300$ at some guitar centers until July, 7).