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While there hasn’t been recent news on the planned Marble Madness version for iOS (expected to include original levels and new ones), we can find two projects about adding 3D to the original 2D isometric game :

– Rolling madness (Window version here – based on SDL however source code not provided) includes the original 6 levels with 3D transforms and dynamic camera (a video is available here).
– Marble Madness source (blog here) brings new versions of first two levels using Half Life 2 Source engine, and enhances the abstract style and deep effect (a video is available here).


Marble Madness has finally been announced for iPhone (exclusive info from Toucharcade), and is coming soon ! Moreover it will include the 6 original (and unmodified) levels (Classic mode), plus enhanced versions, and additional game modes : Targets Race, Size Race, Flag Race and Night Race. There isn’t any screenshots or video available yet.