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New Mac Pro vs iMac

Posted: October 28, 2013 in Apple
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By selecting a custom built 21.5′ iMac though the Apple Store (quad Core i5  2.9Ghz, 16GB ram, 256 GB SSD) we get it only EUR 1000 cheaper than the new entry-level Mac Pro, that provides a quad Xeon 3.7 Ghz (also 10 MB cache vs 6MB for the i5), a faster memory bus (1866Mhz vs 1600 Mhz for the imac), two AMD FirePro D300 with 2 GB VRAM each (Nvidia GeForce GT 750M with 1GB VRAM for the imac) . Moreover the Mac Pro’s graphics cards can be upgraded (also it provides more extensions/ports) and it runs more silent and is likely more reliable.

Apple then does not provide true choice between the mac mini and Mac Pro (iMac processors and graphics cards are mobile versions, that are less powerfull than desktop’s ones).