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Motorola Mobility’s Ninja HTML5 framework, that was unveiled mid-2012, however without new references since many months, was replaced by Google Web Designer, an Adobe Edge/Apple iAd Producer like HTML5 ads builder, then with limited scope (no more a rich internet applications builder). The Montage HTML5 framework (that was the basis for Ninja HTML5) is still available (open source).

We can find more details in this greatly written article, that underlines that there isn’t any HTML5 web applications solution (framework and builder) available (GWT is old, not HTML5 focused and no more driven by Google), only basic tools and low level frameworks (jQuery, angularJS, BackboneJS, Twitter Bootstrap).

We can however still use Cappuccino and Apple’s XCode/Interface Builder to build applications such as or (using Direct2CP’s solution mda approach allowed building these easily even without IB).

In fact all single page/anonymous div based frameworks can easily use HTML5 features when required, by extending existing components. That is adding/generating new doms elements (and/or new css values) to components. Cappuccino still uses CSS3 for Popover and other areas, while Direct2CP components wrap HTML5 audio and video tags (also use CSS3 animations) and new upload features.

Then a whole new HTML5 framework would not provide more (as many features aren’t HTML5 specific), at least a true HTML5 framework would be replacing all anonymous divs by WebGL elements (that is wrapping these in components) for rendering (HTML5 also provides features that aren’t display related, like storage).

iAd Producer 3.0

Posted: August 8, 2012 in Apple, IT/Dev
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Apple provides iAd Producer 3.0 through Apple Developer program. It includes the following new features and enhancements :
• New templates
• New project overview user interface
• New layer list with search, re-ordering, and the ability to hide layers
• Project-wide shared layers
• Auto-advance between pages
• New built-in actions : Add calendar event, Send email, Place a call, Add contact, Add ringtone, Take screen shot, Set content offset for scrollView, Add PDF to iBooks, Set wallpaper, Save to photo library, Open URL, Take photo.
• iAd JS updated to version 1.6

iAd Producer 2.1 available

Posted: April 5, 2012 in IT/Dev
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A new 2.1 version of iAd Producer is available. It brings support for WebGL and Twitter.

As expected, Apple unveiled iAd Producer, a WebKit-based visual editor for creating animations that rely on iAd JS, that also provides javascript code editing and debugging. It seems far more advanced than Adobe’s Edge prototype.

A version targeted to web application development (alla Atlas) may then be announced during the next WWDC.