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IK Multimedia’s Gear credits group buy, extended until November, 11, gives 3 additional credits packs (of the same size) per purchased credits pack. That is for 30 euros (added 6 euros VAT ¬†for EU residents) we get 180 gear credits (45 initially).

IK Multimedia group buy

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Audio
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IK Multimedia provides a group buy for its 15 years anniversary, that allows to get 2 free products (of equal or less value than the original buyed product) starting 5000 participants (3854 for now, and 33 days left). Moreover a 15 percent discount wil be applied to the buyed product.
We can find Xpansion Tank 2 collections (Sample Tank 2 expansion libraries, bundled with Sample Tank 2 XT – 1 GB samples instead of 500 MB for Sample Tank Free), priced 42,49$ each.

IK Multimedia : discounts

Posted: June 19, 2011 in Audio
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IK Multimedia provides for its 15th anniversary discounts until September, 15 : second product free (equal or lesser value), another third one if 5000 users, and additional 15 percent discount on products.