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Google : antitrust request by EU

Posted: December 3, 2011 in Apple
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The European Union filled a request against Google about antitrust issues, finally :

The internet search engine provides two types of results when people run searches on its engine: (i) unpaid search results, also known as “natural” or “algorithmic” search results, and (ii) third party advertisements shown at the top and at the right hand side of the search results page, also known as “paid search results” or “sponsored links”. The alleged abuses concern both unpaid and paid search results.

After all, what did Google brought to people ?
– a search engine full of unwanted/commercial links (with opaque ranking system and ads revenues management), that is harder and harder to use
– Google Maps and Google Earth : very useful ideas, however not the only ones now
– Android : not even at iOS5/iPhone 5 level after 5 years, despite Google’s CEO being at Apple’s board at its launch time
– GWT : still limited experience due to Google’s lack of experience in UI design
– Gmail : now not better than any other free mail system, and did exit beta status more than 10 years after launch, while Chrome still reached 10 non beta versions in two years only
– hard disks prices drop due to huge units volume used by its datacenters, also leading to un-ecofriendly power resources requirements and polluting.

Then Steve Jobs’s advice to Google to focus on its core/experienced areas was right.