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Mac mini : power and heat / idle mode

Posted: April 22, 2009 in Apple
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Apple provides guides about macs environmental performances. We learn that the new Mac mini uses 45 percent less power (only 13W) when idle (that isn’t sleep – that uses only 1,5W – but fully awake machine without any active application other than system daemon tasks). The previous version required 23W in idle mode, and the original version with 1,25Ghz G4 used 32W in that mode. The max power is 110W (was the same in older CoreDuo versions, and 85W on the single G4 with Radeon 9200), for a 2 Ghz Core2 Duo and Nvidia 9400M. Heat dissipation in idle mode is also down (2,5 times less than with the first G4 model, and close to 2 times less than with the previous CoreDuo model). However max heat dissipation in full charge is the same (was a bit higher when switching from a single G4 to a CoreDuo).

New MacPro also made progress in idle mode, however they can require up to 300W in full charge (that is in fact considering 8 cores, many fans and a high end graphic card).