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Native Instruments provides 50 percent discount on many instruments, samples libraries and effects until November, 28.

Hollywood Strings Diamond and Gold are available at respectively for 620 euros (instead 827 euros) and 371 euros (instead 495 euros) this week end (that is 25 percent discount). The buy one get one promotion also seems available (form to send to EastWest alongwith the original invoice – shipping costs of 29,99$ for the free product).

Camel Audio provides its Alchemy Player samples player for free, with 200 included instruments (1 GB). A pro version is also available (249$ – includes 675 instruments/5,5 GB).

Moreover the additional libraries are provided with 50 percent discount until July, 4.

Note : after installing the bonus presets the previously installed key file is deleted. Then run again the Alchemy Player.

The upgrade to Kontakt 4 is provided at 64,50 euros until June, 30. We can expect a Kontakt 5 (or 4.5 – that would be a free update then) announcement this summer.

The EAReverb group buy ended at a 59 euros final price (close to the minimum then) and this price is now available for all users (not restricted to people that joigned the group by) until June, 24. We can listen to audio examples and download a demo here.

Ambient and hall EAReverb presets are geat, very natural/do not change the overall sound tone compared with convolution-based reverb, and add a nice modulation to the release trails. However church and cathedral presets aren’t as impressive and realistic than with YellowTools Origami reverb (EAReverb slight pitch modulation found on release trails do not sound right for such reverb category).


NI provides a 4.1 update to Kontakt, that brings background samples loading (and whose priority/order depends from previously used samples), and full 64 bits support on mac (doesn’t use anymore the memory server).

NI also provides 50 percent discount on update/crossgrade in June : notably upgrades to Kontakt 4 (from versions 1, 2 or 3) is available for 64,50 euros (see this threadabout compatibility/merge of libraries from various versions of Kontakt).

Yellow Tools provides a 2.5.3 update to Independence (including Free version) and its Engine audio engine (1.0.3 – better stability and performances). Moreover, a 30 percent discount is offered until April, 15, for purchases on Yellow Tools Online Shop, even including the full Origami software for free.

Inferno game (that reminds in some way Gauntlet) is provided for free today at the AppStore. It includes 50 levels, and was priced 0,99$. We can watch a video here.

Pac Man Championship Edition is now priced  0,99$ (base/extendable version), Seed 1-Rise of Darkness’s RPG is free, and F.A.S.T is also provided for free (downloadable content can be purchased).