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New iMacs miniDisplay port now also works as an input, which allows to plug a MacBook (or another computer fitted with such output technology). We can even plug a DVI-based older computer (including the MDD G4 :-)) using a convertuer (Atlona DVI to Mini DisplayPort Converter, priced 179$). The converter manages source resolutions up to 1920*1200 (that is exactly the MDD G4’s Radeon 9000 Pro limit). Apple is also expected to unveil such adapters.

About the new 27 inches iMac display, a BluRay player would have been a logical feature, and price difference (500$) with a similar MacPro (performance-wise) could confirm rumor about removal of that drive at the last time (in order to put pressure on royalties deals). Then originally the iMac featuring BluRay would have been priced close to the MacPro, and the pros would then have choosed the MacPro (they don’t need a BluRay drive). Without that peripheral, the new quad core iMac reduced price could blend pros choice.

Finally Apple should introduce a lower-priced entry-level MacPro (not more than 2000$) to avoid pros looking toward to the new iMac.