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The Resolution Independance technology, introduced initially in MacOSX 10.4 and then slightly enhanced in Leopard, remained disabled by default since, due to controls overlapping concerns when upscaling (the UI scale factor can still be modified for a particular application using Quartz Debug tool). The fact is that, for the technology to be efficient, all image resources have to be replaced by vector ones. Such step has been worked on for Snow Leopard (that allows system size shrink and still 512 pixels icons display in the Finder). Global enabling in the system could then be added in a future update.

Apple provides a documentation on this technology, however it wasn’t updated yet since Snow Leopard release :

Mac OS X v10.4 introduced preliminary support for resolution independence, but the implementation was very limited and many visual errors occur. Mac OS X v10.5 adds further support and the implementation has been refined.

Most Cocoa applications, and Carbon applications that use compositing mode, should be capable of being resolution-independent when running on this release. However, resolution independence is still a developer-only feature in Mac OS X v10.5 and is not yet intended for end-user adoption.