Prominy SR5 Rock Bass review

Posted: November 10, 2012 in Audio
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Prominy’s SR5 Rock Bass is a 8,8GB direct bass sound for Kontakt (16 GB as it uses the compression feature), that features automatic legato, quick runs and string selection (with slides). It uses a multi instrument to switch between strings, alternate when detecting repetitions playing, and add noises. It plays like with sustain always on (can however be switched off and back using sustain pedal), and assists in playing quick repetitions (added note when releasing a key).

Moreover it displays used sting and position (and slides) in real time, providing a feeling we are playing a real bass.

As the sound is direct input, it doesn’t sound as fat as some other bass libraries or synth expansions cards, however it reacts more realistically and can be shaped using Amp plugins like Amplitube. For example as it provides only one Kontakt multi preset (also a lite one), we have to use a slap simulation amp preset (available in Amplitube) to achieve such playing style.

The sustain is great, however it can lead to memory overruns in Logic, that doesn’t free used memory when closing a song (and doesn’t use the previous one). Also as it uses streaming (400 MB initial preload memory) and sustain  mode it should be installed on an SSD. It was priced 89 euros (including VAT and shipping) during Best Service’s Guitar special.

The midfiles for the demo video can be downloaded here. Also MIDI files including AmpegSVX presets for the video demos has been posted to the registered users section on Prominy’s website. To download these we have to register SR5 product before.  Then an email containing login/password will be received.

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