Building Cappuccino on OSX Lion

Posted: May 27, 2012 in IT/Dev
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Building Cappuccino from source requires both root admin account activation (and .profile creation) and installation of gcc tools (not installed by default by Xcode). Moreover we don’t need installing git or another tool as we can download a generated “zipball” archive of latest main source tree.

The Cappuccino reference page for installation can be found here.

Simply follow these steps :

– activate the root account :

– launch Xcode, and in Preferences, Downloads, Components, install Command line tools (185 MB)

– download the zipball archive from  and unzip it to Users/youruser/cappuccino

– from the cappuccino folder in terminal, type  ./

enter yes for all

it creates a narwhal folder in Users/youruser.

– as it says it couldn’t export variables (there isn’t a .profile yet), open terminal, and from your user’s root folder (that is Users/youruser) enter : touch .profile

it creates an hidden .profile file (that can be displayed from terminal using ls -a)

– type pico .profile and add the previous variables (replacing youruser by your user name)  :
export PATH="/Users/youruser/narwhal/bin:$PATH"
export CAPP_BUILD="/Users/youruser/Documents/cappuccino/Build"

save the file (Ctrl-X and y)

Note you could also have created the .profile file before command, then the script would have added these export to it automatically.

– logout from terminal and log in (for the new profile variables to be used)

– from the cappuccino folder in terminal, type  jake

Once completed, there is now AppKit, Foundation and Objective-J builds in cappuccino/Build/Release. Just copy  these to your application to replace the older.

To compress an application type  jake deploy from the application folder. A new Build folder is created in the application folder, and then move Browser.environment folder from Build/Release/NewApplication to the root application folder (also add here the generated Info.plist from NewApplication). Previous .j files can now be deleted (except Main.j).

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