SpaceVenture : Space Quest return

Posted: May 13, 2012 in Games
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Creators of Space Quest series (Two Guys From Andromeda) present SpaceVenture, a similar adventure game project, based on donations from users. In first 5 days (over 35 planned days) the project still received 150 000$ (mostly 15$ to 500$ per backer) on the required 500 000$.

Contributors will have access to preview versions (based on HTML5). The final game however will be a standalone application (no browser required) that will work on all systems.

A Sci-fi adventure from Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe working happily together as a team once again.
Hilarious death sequences
Tons of the fresh (and moldy) pop-culture references
Fun and unique humor
Art design and direction by Mark
Dialog that will make you blow nostril Tang, written by Scott along with Mark
Narration of all this by Gary Owens and the voice acting of other characters by the above mentioned quality industry voice talent.
Game music that will hopefully give you chills and wedge in your main orb for the rest of your natural Earth life and make you wish you lived inside your computer!
A game that you will feel comfortable playing with your children, but with some entertainment that will safely appeal only to the adult psyche

I still composed a music inspired from Monolith Burger theme (Space Quest 3) and also mastered Roland D-20 versions of the original musics (using game sounds converted from MT32 and edited for the D20).


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