WebOS : Enyo JS available

Posted: January 28, 2012 in IT/Dev
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HP presented its Enyo javascript framework, that notably allows developing webOS applications.

We can see demos of UI controls, that take inspiration from iPhone’s UIKit, however the available APIs are very limited for now, compared with initial Cappuccino version from 2008. Moreover some controls still require a WebKit based browser (Enyo 2.0, expected in September, will work on all browsers).

In tutorials, we find an example of external Twitter service call, based on a JSONP request (the source code reminds the one from CPJSONPConnection, and the one from Enyo.Asynch logically is close to – however not as evolved as – CPURLConnection).
We also find a generic service, DbService, for data access using a serach filter.

Services can be developed in javascript, thanks to the use of Node.js. The syntax is still as low level (close to DOM) as jQuery (less abstraction and less features than what Cappuccino’s components provide).

Following this announce, we also learn that John Rubinstein is leaving HP.

  1. Ben Dash says:

    It’s such a pity that Cappuccino and Atlas were shelved; they were the perfect RIA package!

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