Gmail ads / Googleplex

Posted: December 14, 2011 in IT/Dev
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Since the new Gmail interface, not only the layout is lighter, however it also (is intended to) hilights the upper ads area. Moreover, by disabling the (automatic) customized ads selection (Google search’s for matching ads from the emails’s content) we cannot then block any ads anymore.

Then Google ensures either spam from all unwanted companies, or less spam (still spam because the content matching algorithm is poor – isn’t even aimed at working as Google only wanted our personnal informations) while sharing all of our ideas to the “opaque” Google system.

As he did before with Microsoft, the french governement finally gave in by helping Google this week with promoting the opening of its Googleplex (an horrible place where I wouldn’t want to work – see the floor patterns that would lead anyone epileptic or tired at least) at Paris.

Two years ago the governement stated that Google ads system monopoly leads to huge fiscal loss, and recently the European Union filled investigations about Google practices (and also now on its buyout of Motorola).


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