Samples streaming and SSD

Posted: July 4, 2011 in Audio
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Streaming large samples libraries (like EastWest Pianos or Hollywood Strings Diamond) requires the load of many “small'” files (about 4000  100 KB to 1 MB files per instrument).

Loading of an 1 GB instrument that is about 4000 small files then takes about 20s for samples access (fast HDD drive with 5 ms average access time) and 10s for samples read (fast disk with at least 100 MB/s sequential read speed).

Using a Firewire 800 connection, the average streaming speed doesn’t go higher than 52 MB/s, that is the access time is the limiting factor (not the disk sequential read speed nor the Firewire connection max bandwidth).

This is why SSD are very relevant for audio samples players (more than for video), as they provide 25 times faster access time (average 0,2 ms), and at least 2,5 times faster sequential read speed.


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