Kontakt 4 upgrade discount / EAReverb group buy

Posted: June 4, 2011 in Audio
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The upgrade to Kontakt 4 is provided at 64,50 euros until June, 30. We can expect a Kontakt 5 (or 4.5 – that would be a free update then) announcement this summer.

The EAReverb group buy ended at a 59 euros final price (close to the minimum then) and this price is now available for all users (not restricted to people that joigned the group by) until June, 24. We can listen to audio examples and download a demo here.

Ambient and hall EAReverb presets are geat, very natural/do not change the overall sound tone compared with convolution-based reverb, and add a nice modulation to the release trails. However church and cathedral presets aren’t as impressive and realistic than with YellowTools Origami reverb (EAReverb slight pitch modulation found on release trails do not sound right for such reverb category).



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