Fairlight 1.0.1 update

Posted: April 21, 2011 in Audio
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A 1.0.1 update to Fairlight application for iPhone and iPad is available at the AppStore. It brings the following new features and bug fixes :
– Player App without Pro upgrade can now edit loop settings of Fairlight voices and edit the default instrument (as intended – this was a bug)
– Improvement in Page R note drawing speed
– Some minor improvements to MIDI status display
– New option to disable sleeping
– Extra, more obvious, “All voices” button on Page 2
– “Player” added to the icon
– (Pro only) Able to export personal voices as .VCX (CMI extended) voice files
– (Pro only) Able to import .VC and .VCX CMI voice files

– MIDI pitch bend fixed in instrument page and Page R
– In-app feature matrix MIDI fixed
– iPad occasional green-dot-on-black-screen fixed
– corrections to some voice info
– Fix playback stopping mid-note when using Page R onscreen keyboard


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