Roland Jupiter-80

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Audio
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Roland also presented the Jupiter-80, based ont the SuperNatural technology. Beside previous SuperNatural pianos and electric pianos (and tonewheel organs modeling), it brings new instruments family to this technology : bass, strings, brass, woodwinds and ethnic instruments. For example it manages guitar strums, strings legato, trills.

The sound engine provides 4 parts (Upper Live Set, Lower Live Set, Solo et Percussion) and (256 notes polyphony max (depending on the audio engine load).
Live Set (2560 presets) consists in a 4 tones layer, and each tone is made of either 3 oscillators (VA waveform or PCM – among 350 available) or a SuperNatural instruments. The Solo part is a single tone. Using VA synthesis for all tones we can then layer 27 oscillators. The sound engine is indeed 9 tones multitimbral, however it does not seem to allow using a different Midi channel for the tones that comprise a Live Set.

The Tone Blender features allows modifying of a parameters set accros the 4 tones of a Live Set.

The keyboard is of synth type (76 notes) and it weights 16,6 kg. The price hasn’t been unveiled yet, however an article at createdigitalmusic hints it will be 3999$ max (we can suppose 3500$).


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