Roland FP-4F

Posted: April 7, 2011 in Audio
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During the Musikmesse Roland presented the FP-4F, that brings SuperNatural technology and an Ivory Feel-G keyboard (the same as on the RD-300NX).
Contrary to the FP-7F it didn’t feature PHAIII, and the specifications page states only 5 sensitivity levels (100 on the FP-7F).

Piano modeling features are also more limited : Damper Resonance, String Resonance and Key Off Resonance, however no Open/Close Lid setting, Cabinet Resonance, Hammer Noise, Damper Noise, nor Duplex Scale.
We can also expect not so good converters.
It remains however very convenient (1/3 of weight less compared with the FP-7F). The back pannel (see video) includes some un-elegant holes.

UPDATE : it is now priced 1599 euros. As action may only be slightly better than on the new RD-300NX (that isn’t really better than with old RD-300GX  – except ivory feeling), the FP-7F remains a better choice (only 200 euros more).


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