Imperfect Sample: Fazioli Concert Grand

Posted: March 6, 2011 in Audio
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Imperfect Samples provides Fazioli Ebony Concert Grand Piano : Fazioli ten foot Grand Piano was created by the makers of world’s most expensive grand pianos, and is considered by many to be the Elite of all grands.

Stunning audio demos are available. The Pro version (perspective 1 – 2 inches from the soundboard – with 12 velocity layers, perspective 2 – close-miked near the strings – with 8 velocity layers, 19 Gb – 8 Gb download) is priced 133$.
The Complete version brings a third perspective (2 metres away from the piano – Wet, Room) and Picked Strings, and is priced 195$ (33 Gb – 13 Gb download).

The library requires full version of Kontkat 4 (not player), EXS24, or the Imperfect Samples Player (AU and VST plugins).

We can also find Hohner White Baby Grand Piano : warm and intimate sound that sits between a full size grand and an upright.
The Pro version (perspective 1 with 16 velocity layers, perspective 2 with 9 velocity layers, 16 Gb – 7 Gb download) is priced 133$.


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