MacOSX Lion preview : iOS widgets/touch/anim, AV / Versions

Posted: February 24, 2011 in Apple, IT/Dev
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Apple provides to Mac Developer Program subscribers a preview of MacOSX Lion. No details are available yet about a new Finder (except Launchpad, full screen mode and Mission Control), nor about enhancements/completion of some foundation technologies (Quartz GL, resolution independence, Grand Central), however the dedicated ADC page presents the following new features :

– new Aqua widgets (popovers, overlay scrollbars), Multi-Touch and animations (higher level APIs than Core Animation), derived from iOS.

– AV Foundation : new time-based (not exactly realtime) and high level (Objective-C) framework to manage audio and video (abstraction to Core Audio, Core Media and Core Animation).
We could then expect a new audio engine for the next version of Logic (it is due this summer, probably a few weeks following MacOSX Lion’s release), as it has been said it wasn’t initially intended to manage so many time-based constraints (despite latency generated by third-party plugins – PLAY for example – is often the cause to overload).

– Auto Save and Versions : automatic save (using increment) of files for document-based applications, with a Time Machine like interface to browse the versions.

– Applications state save and restore after relaunch or restart.

– Sandboxing and Privilege Separation (complementary to existing signing technology).

– File Coordination : eases concurrent accesses (from different threads) to files.


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