Flash 10.2/Nvidia chipsets : H264 accelerating

Posted: February 12, 2011 in Apple, IT/Dev
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Adobe provides final version of Flash 10.2, that brings hardware accelerating of H264 video decoding (through Apple’s Video Decode Acceleration Framework) when using some Nvidia chipsets (9400, 320M and 330M) and then uses 3 times less processor resources (is now as efficient as Quicktime). With ATI card the acceleration isn’t fully optimized, so it still uses two times more processor resources than with Quicktime.

Playing a 360p video directly at Youtube site, the Flash plugin (separate process on Snow Leopard) uses 11,5 to 12 percent CPU resources (15 to 20 percent at start when buffering) on a 2010 mac mini (2,4 Ghz, Nvidia 320M chipset), and Safari uses between 4 and 5 percent CPU.
With same video played from toucharcade site (the page contains a lot of other embedded Flash videos), the Flash plugin uses 35 percent resources.


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