Spotify : labels’s opinions

Posted: February 7, 2011 in Audio
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Macnn provides an interesting article on Spotify, that confirms what I thought of such services (I also had to enjoin Zimbalam, that released my album on Deezer without having asked permission for, to remove it) :

The most critical label executive called Spotify’s revenues “microscopic” compared to iTunes, Amazon MP3 or even eMusic, and thought it was borderline “scandal” that it was even allowed… Their game plan is to devalue music 10 – 20 fold and then swallow it up like Pacman.

stereotypical technology bubble company, which raised as much money as possible before the “business falls apart” and could start again solely based on the ability to attract venture capital funding.

With the full catalog available for free with ads and relatively little marketing of the paid version, almost all of Spotify’s subscribers don’t pay the minimum fee.

Apple and its pay-per-track peers have potentially limited audiences but will often make as much revenue on one or two albums per month as they would for unlimited audio streams over the same period.


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