Cappuccino 0.9 : major update

Posted: February 5, 2011 in IT/Dev
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Version 0.9 (Golden Maser following 5 beta) of Cappuccino is available. The changes include a huge number of enhancements, fixes, full rewrite of controls or Foundation classes, and many new features and classes. It may then confirm Motorola being interested in using Cappuccino to build applications targeted for their tablets. We notably find :

– wider use and enhancements for bindings, KVO and KVC
– features complete TableView and OutlineView (inline editing, themes, etc.), Aristo 2.0 theme (including new HUD look)
– wider support for keys shortcuts (navigation), contextual menus (also managed by TableView – new delegate), hover states
– native scrolling for ScrollView (also auto-scrolling), support for alpha layer for windows (transparency and dynamic shadows were still provided for dialogs), full rewrite of CPAlert and CPTabView
– rewrite of CPArray (better sort performance) and CPSet, timezone support (and ISO dates parsing and display) for CPDate
– Native Host feature now included (was used by Atlas)
– new controls : CPCursor, CPBrowser, CPButtonBar, CPBox CPStepper (an unofficial implementation was still available)
– new CPSound class (based on HTML5 audio tag)
– new utility classes : CPDecimalNumber, CPExpression, CPPredicate, CPTokenField

An update to CP2JavaWS would then allow inline editing for master/detail views (as an option, as we may prefer separate editing as with current version, and we may want the table view not display all the properties). Compatibility with existing applications and frameworks seems however good (few deprecated methods).


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