Yamaha CP-5 vs Roland FP-7F

Posted: January 23, 2011 in Audio
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CP5’s electric piano sounds better in the demos, however the acoustic piano doesn’t sound as good, and someone stated this in a forum :
The Roland SN AP sound is light years ahead of anything any other DP manufacturer has, including Yamaha Avant Grand. The CP1 CF voice is audibly stretched and looped, and the velocity layers aren’t completely blended. Looping is my main bugbear, and the CF loops are overprocessed IMO so there isn’t much realistic “wobble” going on. The CP1 S6 voice has all of these issues and also has poor timbre matching between the attack and loop samples.

Moreover CP5 keys action does not seem to use 3 velocity sensors (found in V-Piano’s PHA III Ivory Feel and likely in RD-700NX’s PHA III Ivory Feel and FP-7F’s PHA III Ivory Feel-S) , and it is priced more than FP7-F (2259 euros vs 1777 euros). The CP5 also features wooden keys, that don’t seem to provide as good feeling as Roland’s Ivory feel.


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