Paris music show 2010

Posted: December 14, 2010 in Audio
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Paris music show 2010 (located this time at La Vilette) was less extended than the previous editions at porte de Versailles (for example there wasn’t even Korg, nor Studiologic, and very few softwares). It however allowed to test the innovative Roland V-Piano :

The dynamic and expression are stunning, better than on any digital pianos. The piano sound is faithful and brings something more, as an evolving of the classical piano (with an unique personnality – as when we compare sample based libraries with FM synthesis). Roland then succeded creating the best piano modeling synthesis ever, far more faithful and expressive than Pianoteq (and better than many real pianos). The resulting experience drives to playing (the stunning feeling of the keys and progressive sensors also help).

The Roland FP-4 (that sounds less mudedd than the RD-GX300 and less clear than RD-GX700 Natural Piano) was a really unexpected discover : the piano sound is some of a great compromise, it looks nice, the keyboard feeling is ok, and it weights far more less (15 kg). The FP-7 isn’t really more pleasant (harder touch and darker look), however it adds stunning drawbars organs.

The Yamaha Motif XF didn’t sound really better than the Motif XS (however it was quickly reviewed compared to the later) or the Korg M50 tested during the last show. Finally Kurzweil didn’t really innovate.


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