Try sound available for mac

Posted: September 25, 2010 in Audio

Audio softwares test Try sound solution, provided at Best Service site, is now available for mac. After registering for a 30 minutes test session we receive a download link to a client software (same principle as with VNC). The remote server runs Kontakt 4, Independance, and other hosts instances configured with a library each. We can switch to any listed library. For a given instance we can modify parameters/load instruments, as with regular remote networking. However the audio latency is very high. There is also to note that a background noise (birds like) is added to the stream.

EastWest’s TeraPack solution may then be better, however it has to be purchased again each time a new library is out (not problematic however for a single editor like EastWest, as new releases are logically less frequent).


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