Proposal for equity / search engines

Posted: September 25, 2010 in IT/Dev
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As ideas (or promoting of something, like music) is now more and more likely to be received through web channels (web biggest companies are willing to get rid of regular TV, radio and now Press), search engines ranking algorithms will have too much impact on basic (fundamentals) rights. That is we should ensure independant/reliable control of these.

One solution would be that such algorithms (the ones from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, etc.) be provided to a central/regulated worldwide entity (where they may also be validated). Browsers would then allow to enter this central site address (through their general settings), and when searching for something on regular Google, Yahoo, etc. sites, the updated browsers would automatically send an additional request to the central site system (that would choose its corresponding validated engine to make the same search), and alert if returned results differ too much. Then it would prevent suspect filtering from both sides (considering both side don’t make agreements…) !


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