G4 MDD to Mac mini 2010

Posted: August 14, 2010 in Apple

The MDD G4 did shut down forever early this week, due to its power supply failure (was just 7 years old). In fact many users experienced this problem since late 2009. I had then to migrate to a mac mini 2010 (upgraded to 4 Gb ram). Here are some first thoughts :

-opening the lower panel was difficult (ok later) and removing and putting the memory units not really feeling confident, however all went well.
– connecting the power plug to the mac mini slot was hard, however it seems normal for this king of plug.
– firewire 800 is really fast (used to connect an external hard disk case that now onboards the old MDD G4″s internal disk).
– the black color used for the back panel doesn’t make easy identifying of ports.
-fan noise is really slight and constant (normal use).
– hard disk drive however is louder, and sounds like a high pitched crackling, not really nice.
– connecting an external disk with USB2 (waiting for a Firewire400 to 800 wire) works well and is fast.
-the display is flickering, really tiring, as with an old CRT using a too low refresh rate. The mac mini only lists 60Hz rate, however it should be ok as it is an LCD (and it was ok with the MDD G4, either at 60 or 70Hz). Annoying as the provided HDMI to DVI adapter should result in the best quality (no conversion required compared with mini display port to DVI). The problem shows most on some gray plain colors areas.


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