CP2JavaWS 1.0.2 update

Posted: June 21, 2010 in IT/Dev
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A new release (1.0.2) of CP2JavaWS is available. It fixes the following bugs :

– number attributes having 0 as a value or boolean attributes set to false weren’t encoded by CP2JSCoder.

– CPDictionary now requires string type for keys : fixed relating problem in CPRemoteService and CP2JavaWSHttpSender.

– Generated textField (Direct2CP mode) for object’s attributes whose type is number was set initially with the right number object, however it was returned (by the field) as a string once edited, leading to a wrong type. Fixed CP2JavaWSDetailView to convert the string back to a number when setting the modified value on the object.

– Fixed a problem with references path encoding : now uses a IdentityHashMap (see CP2JavaWSJSONUtils).

– Now manages Enum (see CP2JavaWSJSONUtils).

Thanks to Dimitris Tsitses for his main contributing in this update.


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