Atlas : plugins architecture / CP2JavaWS

Posted: May 9, 2010 in IT/Dev
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The plugins architecture for Atlas has finally been unveiled, the first example being integrating of MapKit framework (a video tutorial is provided). However the interest seems more obvious to frameworks that produce visual content (view). Indeed, a “transparent” bridge like CP2JavaWS seems closer to existing Atlas’s RSS, Facebook and Twitter controllers. Such controller for CP2JavaWS would be somewhat limited :

  • dragging a link from a graphical control (button, etc.) to the controller, then entering (in the controller’s inspector) of endpoint url, remote service name, and input arguments (or dragg from controls that provide such values). The result would be two added lines in the code : retrieving of the enpoint and remote service’s proxy, and remote method call on that proxy.
  • generating of a Master/Detail page, by entering description of a remote business object (its class and attributes), url of an endpoint that provides a CRUD service (Direct2CP). The result would also be two added lines in the coded : retrieving of the endpoint, and instanciating of a CP2JavaWSMasterDetail composite view.

It seems then that actual way of using CP2JavaWS is faster (and at least as easy) than using a plugin. Such extension would be more likely in full/wider MDA approach.


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