Flash and common denominator

Posted: April 29, 2010 in Apple, IT/Dev
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Steve Jobs published an open letter about Flash, that lists the 6 main reasons (another one being strategical) of lack of Flash on iPhone and iPad. Indeed it has been proven that solutions heading to the (low) common denominator aren’t compatible with the mac experience, as we can see on some iPhone application, and previously on mac (Eclipse, OpenOffice, games ported using Cider). The main interest of Apple’s solutions against Windows or Android resides in these few innovative applications. Some have still undestood this and make full use of OSX features : idSoftware, Blizzard, and recently Valve.

As a paradox, the same companies that claim about cross-platform development (and that took 10 years to migrate to Cocoa) forced Apple to cancell the Yellow Box (worked also on Windows), and to provide Carbon, some of a compromise. Advanced object concepts from AppKit and ObjC runtime aren’t likely to be easily unified with MFC programming and even Java.


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