WebGL unsupported on Radeon 9000 Pro

Posted: April 17, 2010 in IT/Dev
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With latest WebKit nightlty (and enabled WebGL option through write com.apple.Safari WebKitWebGLEnabled -bool YES command), scenes are still blank on a G4 MDD with Radeon 9000 Pro. In fact WebGL requires a graphics card that supports OpenGL ES2, and then OpenGL 2.0. Under Leopard, this compatibility matrix states that the Radeon 9000 Pro is restricted to OpenGL 1.3. The MDD G4 can receive a Radeon 9600 Pro Mac et PC Edition card as an option (was priced 200$… however it isn’t available yet), that supports OpenGL 2.0.
We can get the list of new APIs added by OpenGL versions here.

Update : WebKit’s WebGL used to work on Leopard for compatible graphics card, however it now only  works on Snow Leopard. Users still under 10.5 can use Chromium instead, however it doesn’t run on PowerPC (only on Intel mac).


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