New MacBook Pro : HD video/best battery

Posted: April 13, 2010 in Apple
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The new MacBook Pro bring new CoreI5 and Core i7 mobiles processors (15,4′ and 17′ models only) : contrary to the similarly named iMac (desktop) processors, those are dual core (not quad), however they also feature Turbo Boost, Hyperthreading, and an on-chip memory controller, wich leads to up to 50% performance increase (notably in video encoding and 3D rendering).

Moreover all models (including 13,3′) unveil the best battery life ever (more than doubled) : 10 hours on the 13,3 model (only includes a classic Core2 Duo, and an integrated Nvidia GeForce 320M chipset), and 8-9 hours on 15,4′ and 17′ models (common use – when based on the Intel HD chipset).

Finally all models will benefit from a Mini DisplayPort to HDMI adapter (option), and even the GeForce 320M chispet found on the 13,3′ model (derived from the GT216 and featuring 48 shader cores – and using 256 Mb of shared memory – over 4Gb or RAM) will also manage HD video decoding (and also CUDA, OpenCL and DirectCompute). Despite this chispet being half powerful than the dedicated GeForce GT 330M card (256 or 512 Mb of VRAM) found on the 15′ and 17′ models, il will be able to run older games in high quality, and most recent ones in low quality. It offers up to 80% more fps than the previous Nvidia 9400M chipset.

The switch between Intel HD chipset and GeForce GT 330M card on the 15′ and 17′ models is managed automatically (feature developped by Apple – isn”t the rumored Nvidia’s Optimus technology).

A HD resolution option (1680×1050 instead of 1440×900) is available for the 15′ model (+100$), as well as an anti-glare screen (+150$ – is also HD). The anti-glare option is also available for the 17′ model (+50$).


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