QuartzGL for Cappuccino ?

Posted: April 8, 2010 in IT/Dev
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Since the WebGL performance demo brought by Quake II GWT Port, we can imagine what would be Cappuccino if its CoreGraphics implementation switched to using WebGL accelerating, that is now a cross-platform feature. We could then reproduce MacOSX’s QuartzGL. On iPhone’s WebKit (and now in Safari on Snow Leopard), CSS Effects accelerating is handled through CoreAnimation, that however isn’t available on other systems.

The fact is that modern browsers still provide Canvas (even now on IE) and CSS3 accelerating: when on MacOSX, the Cocoa or Carbon APIs used to develop the browser (thas is CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation for 2D, and typically OpenGL for WebGL) will lead to hardware accelerating through the system graphics engines (Quartz – and in the future QuartzGL when the graphics cards 3D renderers will allow the required precision calculations to draw sharp 2D -, and OpenGL). On Windows IE8 will use Direct2D.

So Cappuccino could simply continue relying on Canvas (and CSS3 in some cases) for its 2D graphics (CoreGraphics and CoreAnimation) implementations. There isn’t finally any need to reproduce a QuartzGL like layer using WebGL, as we still will benefit in the end from OSX’s Quartz/QuartzGL on mac browsers (and on Windows’s browsers from Direct2D/DirectX/WPF, and soon animation framework copied from Apple’s CoreAnimation :-)).


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