iPhone OS4 : tasks, folders, iAds

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Apple, IT/Dev
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Apple presented a beta version of iPhone OS4, that notably brings some multitasking emulating modes (the background tasks do not run continuously and long, in order to save battery and resources) :
1) background audio streaming
2) VoIP calls more like regular cell phone service
3) background GPS location updates
4) push notifications (not new, but there are implementation improvements)
5) local notifications – “background” processes can send a notification based on scheduled time, or possibly as the result of an event in the location, audio streaming or VoIP service
6) task completion – a specific task that your application is performing can run until completion, and then stop
7) fast app switching – save application state rapidly to be able to give the appearance of switching back to your previous state when you launch it again.

These features are however restricted to iPhone 3GS and third generation iPod Touch (the iPhone 3G includes only 128 Mb of RAM – a half -, and its processor and architecture are way slower, so it might not provide optimal multitasking experience in all situations).

Another new feature is folders, that allow to arrange applications (the limit is now up to 2000 from 180). The iPhone will also get a version of iBooks application.

Finally Apple presented Game Center (unifying social network for handheld games, alla Xbox Live), as well as iAds, that will allow free softwares developers to get revenues from “in app” ads (60 percent, the remaining 40 going to Apple, that then enters Google’s market). These contents will be produced using HTML5, through an Apple framework to be unveiled… derived from ADLib ?


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