iTunes 9 : create an iMix from ITMS

Posted: April 5, 2010 in Music / Movies, Troubleshooting
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Since iTunes 9 we cannot anymore drag and drop songs from ITMS to iTunes library, if we didn’t have buyed them before (it then limits creating iMix). There however exists a workaround :

– from the ITMS home, click on the Browse link (in the Quick Links area, up and right, under the Open a session link).
– in the columns views, choose Music, then genre and sub-genre (choose All for the later), artist, and album.
– in the bottom view drag and drop the songs to the Library.
– create a new playlist and add the songs from the library into the playlist.
– select the playlist and click on the icon (right arrow) that now displays.
– choose Create an iMix in the dialog.

The iMix will be published at best in the following 15 minutes. Through your  account section, click on the “Manage the iMix” link to display your submitted imixes, and then on an imix link. Then click on “Display all imix from this user” link to check for avaibility.

To reach the global iMix section, search for imix, then click on imix link under “Related” (on the left).

Note : you can only post imix to the store corresponding to your account country. You have to create additional users to release imix to other stores.

MJ Style part1 iMix


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