Valve coming on Mac

Posted: March 10, 2010 in Apple, Games
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Expected since the cancellation of Half Life 1 port on mac), Valve annonced that it will deliver its Steam game/purchase platform on mac (will use WebKit), as well as its Source 3D engine. Then games using it will run natively on MacOSX, and performances are stated as on par with those on Windows. Among planned games for mac are Left 4 Dead 2, Team Fortress 2, Counter-Strike, Portal, Half-Life 2, Portal 2 (will be released on mac and PC at the same time). Moreover we will be able to play/continue on mac and PC, by purchasing a single version for both platforms.

We also learn that Valve worked with Apple (and GPU providers) to ensure optimal performances on mac, and reported hints to Apple for its OpenGL implementation to benefit from Open GL 3.x enhancements (that should be included in MacOSX 10.6.3).

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