iSpectrum : iPhone dev in Java in Eclipse

Posted: February 9, 2010 in IT/Dev
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We knew Xmlvm, a Java to Objective-C cross-compiler (that uses XSL stylesheets to transform JVM calls to Objective-C instructions) – that also provides a subset of Cocoa APIs in Java. Now we can discover iSpectrum from FlexyCore (french startup founded in 2008 by people that worked at INRIA and Texas Instruments), a solution composed of an Eclipse plugin (3.4 version min), Java ports of iPhone APIs (UIKit, CoreLocation, MediaPlayer), and an emulator. The Java code is compiled into Objective-C, and the Eclipse debugger is available. Compiling and using the emulator however require an Intel mac.

A 30 days demo (15 compilations) is downloadable, and a free open licence is provided for applications released under open source licences (for commercial applications, a Pro or Entreprise licence has to be purchased – prices not listed yet).


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